Quality & Environmental policy


As part of its service Tractebel always endeavours to deliver a good product and delight its customers, operating as a sustainable company and providing services in a stable, pleasant working environment.

Optimum service is guaranteed not only by applying strict internal control procedures, continuous evaluation and making adjustments, but also through providing our employees with intensive, ongoing training. In this respect, the quality management system sets the guidelines for tailoring the service in the most effective manner possible to the customers' specified requirements and expectations.

With the support of its ISO certificate, Tractebel wants to provide its customers with the guarantee that it will actually adopt a targeted approach to handling their requirements by constantly ensuring the quality of the services supplied. In fact, Tractebel is ISO 9001:2008 standard certified since 1995.

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Environmental policy

Tractebel is aware of its potential and responsibility in providing an attractive, healthy environment. It is constantly striving for an ideal environmental policy and for a continual improvement in environmental performance. This desire is fuelled both by the company’s general behaviour and by carrying out the projects assigned to Tractebel. The focus in this is on the well-being of its staff and on society as a whole.

As a design company, Tractebel wants to set an example of being a sustainable company by using sustainable operational processes and an integral approach to the design cycle. Tractebel’s efforts in introducing innovations specifically targeted at a sustainable environment were already rewarded in 2003 with an ISO 14001 certificate for the office environment.

Tractebel's management team holds the very firm conviction that continuing to promote sustainable projects will help increase customer satisfaction.

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