Residential Buildings

Major demand for the renovation of residential buildings, the construction of new housing or the conversion of various types of building into accommodation is at the centre of current demographic trends.

Whether for project development services or public-private partnerships for design-construction, we adapt our approach as required, working closely with the architect, developer, sponsor, operator, etc.

New accommodation has to meet stringent requirements on comfort, environmental and energy performance, and return on investment. Whatever the project, we work closely with our clients so that we can respond to their needs.

Particular consideration is always given to environmental factors and to allowing flexibility for future needs, as well as the safety and security constraints associated with the project.


References Residential Buildings

Kievit apartments, phase 2

The project consists of a 10-storey office building, an 8-storey apartment complex and an underground car park. Commercial spaces are being built on the ground floor. Due to the building's location...

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Papeblok and Lindepark apartment blocks…

On a plot located between Wandelaarstraat and Pastoor Vandersandestraat on the site of the former cultural centre, four apartment blocks are being built in two phases above a single underground...

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Neerland project zone A

The “Neerland” project area is located in the Antwerp district of Wilrijk, along Krijgslaan avenue. The master plan includes a wide range of green spaces: the Krijgslaan and the park. The...

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The Dock in Anderlecht

The aim is to develop a mixed housing project around an area of water (marina), which has a waterway connection with the Charleroi-Willebroek canal. This project is located in Anderlecht...

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Passive social housing in Anderlecht

This passive social housing project is located between rue du Chaudron and Boulevard H. Simonet in Anderlecht. It is designed in keeping with a sustainable, green vision as part of...

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RAC 3, Renovation of Brussels' Cité Admi…

Renovation of the former government Cité Administrative in the centre of Brussels.The site of approx.. 100,000 m² is made up of a number of buildings, all technically independent.

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Esplanade 64

A new, very low energy building on the chaussée d'Etterbeek in Brussels providing 62 apartments over eight levels, retail facilities, 109 parking spaces, a green space accessible to the public...

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Green Square

50,000 m² mixed project on the site of a former listed ice-works, in two sections.

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