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Realty 2016

The 3-day property fair par excellence, at Tour & Taxis in Brussels knew another big success.
Again, Tractebel was present with an attractive stand which measured larger of the one last year.

Our stand was strongly represented with our experts to meet the needs of all the visitors.

The second day we organized a cocktail for our partners and customers which resulted in a friendly and amicable atmosphere.

Meanwhile as marketing stunt we distributed footballs and little anti-stress balls to emphasize our collaboration within the Eurostadium project.

The fair gave us the opportunity to show our know-how within the Belgian property market.

The fair also gave us the opportunity to pass by at our competitors for an interesting chat.

Realty 2017 can certainly expect us again!





VTDV Congress 2016 - May 27, Ghent

vtdv web

Together with Cofely, Axima, Fabricom, Electrabel and Tractebel attended the VTDV Congress, dedicated to healthcare systems. 

This year's theme was Healthcare: "Future-Proof!?" 



Successful energy audit conference at the Forum!

On October 8, 2015, with the support of the BECI, the Brussels Chamber of Commerce and the participation of the Brussels Institute for Environmental Management (IBGE), Tractebel hosted a conference on energy audits for its customers.

The event was organised by Thomas Herber, our energy efficiency expert.

It was a great success, with an audience of 65 visitors for our speakers at the Forum – Thomas Herber, Benoît Poncelet, Jean-Baptiste Débonnaire, Muriel De Viron of the IBGE and Jean-Louis Samson of ENGIE – who, with their broad expertise and knowledge in the field, managed to convince the audience… which could lead to contracts in the future.  

The topics addressed were the regulatory context, the different kinds of audits and the way in which they are undertaken, the expected results (quick-wins, long-term profits), and how to take energy audits a step forward – making for a highly interesting conference.

This great agenda ended with a lunch, during which the visitors were able to talk to the speakers and Tractebel’s management.

An ideal opportunity to underline Tractebel’s skills once again, in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. 

E audit01

E audit02

E audit03

E audit04


Silver partner and silver medal for Tractebel at IMMORUN

The 7th edition of IMMORUN™ took place on September 17, 2015 on the Droh!me (ex- Boisfort Hippodrome in Uccle).  For three years in a row our Tractebel employees have proven that work and sports on high level are perfectly combinable and so they succeeded once again to conquer a place on the podium. The silver medal was well earned by our colleagues Frédéric van Durme, Bertrand Pairon and Maxime Kinet.

This Year for the first time Tractebel was part of Immorun as SILVER PARTNER to gain even more visibility as a dynamic actor of The Real Estate Sector in Belgium.

IMMORUN™ is a Business Run of 9 km which combines Sports & Well-being, Team-Building, and Business Networking within the Real Estate Sector in Belgium. It brings together architects, promoters, financial institutions, agencies, builders, experts, consultants, lawyers, public institutions, and their partners… A natural and healthy way to relieve stress and face the challenges in life and at work.

Yves Kerremans, Sales Director and Jan Lecompte, Product Director of the product line Building & Industrial Sites as well as Hein Dirix, General Manager SSI were present to encourage our runners.

We congratulate our Tractebel-Teams for this beautiful achievement!

Immorun2015 03 450

 Immorun2015 02 450

IMMORUN2015 450


Building Golf Trophy

The third edition of the BUILDING GOLF TROPHY took place on September 14th 2015 at the beautiful domain of the Naxhelet Golf Club in Wanze (Huy) with a “shot gun” program for golfers and an initiation program for beginners.

This event brought together the actors of the construction and building professionals: architects, consulting firms, promoters, developers,…  A lovely occasion to meet up.

Tractebel emphasized her presence once again with a great bottle of Spa water decorated by Tractebel ‘s colours to bring happiness among the thirsty ones despite the bad weather conditions. They who played golf during this Building Event could discover the Marketing stand of Tractebel situated on the golf course.

Our Sales Director, Yves Kerremans of the product line Building & Industrial Sites, participated at the golf tournament and contributed this way to social networking with team members. The event ended in style with a wine degustation, a walking dinner and an award ceremony (where he unfortunately could not take any price home .. J)

A Successful day. We look forward to next year’s edition! 






Saturday, 20 June, the Tractebel project team members involved in the A11 project paid a visit to the site. We were shown around by our site supervisor David De Ridder. Work at the site has now been under way for a good year, with some of the important constructions in the project starting to take shape. Tractebel produced the reference design and the specifications for this DBFM project, which comprises a stretch of motorway of around 12 km, with a diamond interchange, a movable bridge, a 15-metre high viaduct and various tunnels and bridges. Staff from various departments, including Rail, Road & Spatial design, and the Structures Competence Center are regularly consulted as technical advisers.

The project will be fully completed in three years.

A11 2015 025 small

A11 2015 068 small

A11 2015 157 small

Railway study Brussels


When it comes to railway accessibility in Belgium, this is closely linked to the issue of the main North-South connection and to the local connections which use it (north-south and west-east). The North-South connection’s capacity is currently restricted to around 90 trains per hour, offering an operating level of fairly mediocre quality.

This study must enable significant progress to be made in the debate on the future of the railway network in terms of travelling to, from and in Brussels. The considerations on this issue have actually only been partially outlined at the moment, and have not been developed sufficiently to allow a decision to be made on this strategic matter.

This debate cannot be restricted to considering infrastructural solutions, but should also, in the view of the team of the consultants, touch on every aspect of mobility. The main points for consideration are:

  • Service model used
  • Railway group’s rolling stock, signalling and operating procedures
  • Mobility behaviour trends
  • Town-planning trends in the greater Brussels area.

Consideration must be given to the problems experienced so far in creating a clear strategic vision for developing the railway service in the greater Brussels area for political, technical and economic reasons.

This situation needs to evolve. The increased use of public transport, development of a multipolar conurbation and leveraging of existing infrastructures are among the factors which require a greater use of the railway network.

With this in mind, the following 3 phases are planned in this study:

-               Phase 1: Current situation and arrangement of development scenarios

-               Phase 2: Multi-actor multi-criteria analysis (MAMCA)

-               Phase 3: Detailed description of scenarios selected

Tractebel collaborates with On Wheels on improving accessibility

Anyone who has to spend their life in a wheelchair misses out on some aspects of their social life. In cities, obstacles appear everywhere in the form of doorsteps, doors being too small, or not enough space for a wheelchair to turn round. This is a situation that the company On Wheels, which operates in the non-profit sector, wants to do something about. It has developed an app of the same name – On Wheels – to enable wheelchair users to find accessible locations (stores, restaurants, toilets etc.). There are volunteers in Flanders who are going to measure doors and doorsteps in 12,000 locations. The app will look for accessible buildings in the vicinity, based on the wheelchair’s dimensions and the ability of the wheelchair user to negotiate doorsteps. SSI supports and sponsors this initiative in various ways, including through providing expertise and staff. On Wheels and Tractebel want to launch the app globally.

At the same time, the Rail, Road & Spatial Design department is involved in developing a methodology for screening infrastructure accessibility in cities more widely. Sponsoring and collaborating with On Wheels are part of this.

Anyone wishing to find out more about accessibility or participate as a volunteer in this project, and who wants, for instance, 

DG Move

Tractebel was awarded the DG Move contract “Study on permitting and facilitating the preparation of TEN-T core network projects, in particular waterborne projects and cross-border projects”.

The purpose of the study is to identify good practices and ways to streamline and simplify the procedures to carry out an infrastructure transport project. The study will analyse the existing legal frameworks and practices for permitting procedures, and take stock of already existing measures applied at national or regional level to make those procedures more efficient and create more legal comfort to project developers and investors. It will also prepare a guide to good practices that can be used by Member States to develop effective facilitation tools. The study will eventually recommend policy options (that can be used in a subsequent impact assessment) for a positive EU framework for project development and investments.

Our partners in this project are: Milieu Ltd, EPRD Office for Economic Policy and Regional Development

We are looking forward to implement this challenging project!

Concept Stadium Square

We tell the story of the stadium and of the city

Over time, stadium architecture has evolved as regards its relation to the city.

The first stadiums were conceived as independent facilities, often erected on the outskirts of cities.

Gradually, the city gets closer to the stadium. Urban programs start to spread into the stadium. The city’s buildings can actually get so close that they merge with the stadium infrastructure itself, generating new synergies.

The temporary nature of the stadium’s function allows the urban programs to invest the entirety of the structure.

What used to be a mere stadium now becomes the center of a new urbain life: the « Stadium Square».


We improve urban comfort


The considerable investment made for the World Cup yields a long term improvement in terms of passive comfort of the urban spaces. Dynamic thermal simulations show that the overall layout of the site, inspired from traditional housing construction in arid countries, can generate a significant improvement in the outdoor comfort, increasing air temperature during winter days and reducing it during hot summer days by up to 12°C, in both the canyon and the arena.

The architecture of the « Stadium Square » draws its inspiration from the local and regional desert landscapes. Taking both from the Zekreet in Qatar and from other geological canyon shapes, the architecture follows the principles of accumulation and erosion in order to create forms which are perfectly suited to the multiple uses of the area.



Official opening of the 1815 Memorial in Waterloo

A little less than a month before the bicentenary celebrations, the 1815 Memorial was officially opened on Thursday, May 21, 2015. The ceremony was attended by the experts from Tractebel who worked on the project, and in particular by the Walloon Tourism Minister and the mayors of the communes where the battle took place.

TECHNUM, which was tasked with the execution studies for the structural aspects and special techniques, played a central role in the construction of the 1815 Memorial, a brand new museum dedicated to the Battle of Waterloo.

It is located at the foot of the Lion’s Mound, 10 metres below ground so as not to alter the site. The museum is highly energy efficient thanks to this special setup and the use of a geothermal facility comprising 55 shafts that reach a depth of 150 metres.

The new Battle of Waterloo Memorial covers a surface of 6000 m², 1500 of which house exhibitions dedicated to the events that unfolded in June 1815. Despite all of the legal complications surrounding the project – which was 2 years in the making – the memorial was ready on schedule. It should welcome some 500,000 visitors a year.

The peak of the tour is a 4D film projected on a 169° 26-metre-long screen. Visitors find themselves at the heart of the battle – a technical achievement that is the first of its kind in Europe.

The memorial is more of an interpretation centre than a museum, with multimedia solutions, various augmented reality systems and rather magical displays, amongst other things, punctuating the visit.

The 1815 Memorial has been open to the public since May 22.

Striking innovations at Brussels Airport.

Inauguration of the Connector

Tuesday the 24th of March, after two years of construction works, the Connector building was officially opened in the presence of King Philip, prime minister Charles Michel, minister of transport Jacqueline Galant and some 500 other guests.

The connector is the building which links the passenger terminal to Pier A above-ground.

For the design of the Connector sustainability and comfort of the passenger were very important. Each year more than 20 million passengers step through the Connector. Tractebel who was in charge of the studies HVAC, electricity, lighting, fire safety, elevators and escalators, plumbing, access control, data communication and cold and heat storage, ... played a crucial role in the realization of the ambitions in this area. Brussels Airport seeks at a CO2 reduction of 20% for 2020. The insulation of the building is K-20, half of the current legal standard. Thanks to the geothermal installation, in the

summer Brussels Airport used the cold that is stored in the soil and the aquifer during the winter season to cool the building, while at the same time heat is stored in the soil to heat the building during the winter months. This will provide 70% of energy needs during the winter months, while in the summer, it’s providing 30% of the energy needs for cooling. With the application of waterless urinals and recuperation of the rainwater that falls on the 11,000 square meter roof for flushing the toilets is also water consumption reduced for the extremely necessary. In the field of lighting there was resolutely opted for LED lighting in the public areas allowing both energy consumption and maintenance costs to drastically reduce.


The Connector designed by CTHM (Chapman Taylor – bureau Happold – MOSS) allows passengers to walk straight from the check-in desk to their gate in pier A. In the opposite direction, the building provides the arriving passenger with a smooth and agreeable passage to the baggage reclaim hall and the exit. The dark tunnel towards pier A is now replaced by an open and airy building that apart from a spectacular tarmac view also offers a contemporary mix of shops and restaurants.

From now on the Connector is open for passengers.

The building includes a central platform for access and security screening as well as border control for travellers departing Pier A. Passengers departing from Pier B will use the platfrom as of 2016. This considerably increases the efficiency of the screening process, as the peak hours for security in both piers are complementary. Moreover, the building offers plenty of space for a commercial area.

The challenge was huge: the construction site was located in the centre of a busy international airport, which had to remain fully operational throughout the building works without compromising passenger comfort.




FEBE Precast in Infrastructure Award for radar tower in Ostend

The new radar tower on the recent Oostdam in Ostend, Belgium, has won the FEBE Precast in Infrastructure Award.

On behalf of our client, the Maritime Access department of the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works of the Flemish Government, we developed the detailed design for the 44-m high tower built after a design by the architect E+W Eggermont at level. This success was founded on close cooperation between our (SSI) department Ports & Waterways, the Hasselt-based Structures competence centre and the government.

The tower is prism-shaped up to a height of 30 m, after which it is twisted. It was constructed by stacking up 22 prefabricated concrete segments which were progressively post-tensioned. The twisted top section was reinforced in the conventional manner. In order to make the design suitable for prefabrication, the spatial shape was converted into a series of triangles. The actual production of the prefabricated elements, as well as the laying of the post-tensioning ducts and their positioning were subject to extremely stringent tolerance requirements. The contractor THV Besix-Westconstruct constructed the tower.






The IGLO project has now also won the Wivina Demeester Prize.

IGLO wins the Wivina Demeester Prize. IGLO – Intergenerationeel Project Linker Oever – is a city regeneration project in Antwerp. Tractebel was awarded, in collaboration with the firms De Smet Vermeulen Architecten, De Vylder Vinck Taillieu Architecten and Tom Thys Architecten, a contract based on an open request for tender issued by Vlaams Bouwmeester (Flanders Government Architect).

The Spatial Planning Department (SPD) team started off by devising a master plan, based on intensive interaction with the architects. The project focused on establishing a stronger link between an extremely isolated area and the wider urban environment. This was achieved through well-designed restructuring of the public space and introducing new urban programmes.

A subsequent stage involved the further development of the architecture, which the Building Department got involved in. The public space was designed by the Spatial Planning Department (SPD), along with the infrastructure engineers from the Road Department. This is an example of an integrated urban project where Tractebel has been able to offer its expertise from very diverse areas. This prize emphasises the quality of every aspect of this project.

IGLO prijs2

Rail Power Europe 2015 Congress London, 10 March 2015

Marc Van de putte and Tom Puttemans (Urban Rail Ghent) attended this congress. They presented a joint paper from Tractebel Engineering and De Lijn on energy recovery for tram line traction networks. The case study presented concerned the complete overhaul of the traction network in Ghent where a predicted 10% reduction in energy consumption was subsequently confirmed, based on various measurement campaigns. 

Financing of local climate plans: on target


Tractebel collaborated with SuMa Consulting during the past year to develop the financial section of the local climate plans for Ghent and Antwerp. Interaction with these two cities was essential in order to arrive at a well-founded financial model that enjoys general acceptance. Interesting discussions with other partners (smaller municipalities, intermunicipal companies, banks tec.) have led to the current result.

During the next few months the know-how and experience gained from this work can be validated, refined and supplement in various new tasks.

We have distilled our experience into an “Initial scenario” for municipalities (ordered by: LNE – Policy Preparation & Evaluation dept.). This scenario explains the various aspects that are important for financing local climate plans.

In addition Tractebel + SuMa Consulting + VITO were chosen to support the learning network set up by LNE on the subject of Financing of Local Climate Plans and to contribute their expertise.

The learning network fits in with i-Cleantech’s Transition Arena for Climate and Local Resilience and VVSG’s Flemish Network of Mayoral Covenants.

A kick-off event is planned for Thursday 23 October. At this event the initial scenario will be presented and attendees will decide which subjects should form the basis for the further activities of the learning network that will continue for at least one year.

Tractebel and SuMa Consulting will be glad to share the know-how gained from the various projects with you. Important considerations relating to the financing aspect will be explained in various briefings. 

In the meantime Tractebel / SuMa Consulting are working on other projects. The project team possesses unique know-how for this (FLC calculation model, database of best practices / flanking measures, business case methodology etc.).

More information:


Tower’s success story

Thanks to our recent success in projects of construction of towers, particularly theOdeon Tower in Monaco and the Silver Tower in BrusselsTractebel EngineeringFrance and SSI have just jointly secured an important contract for the study of a tower in Casablanca, Morocco. TEF will be in charge of the structural design and SSI will take care of the study of the technical equipment. Our client, the CFCA(Casablanca Finance City Authority) has decided to invest in the construction of their new headquarters in the business district of Casablanca, with an office building of 100 meters high with a gross area of 30,000 sqm. The architectural concept of this futuristic tower will be designed by the renowned architectMorphosis from New YorkThe project will meet the highest environmental criteriain accordance with the international Leed certification, rated “Silver”. The projecthas to be completed in 39 months from nowin joint collaboration with our local partner Oger International, mainly in charge of the site supervision of the works.





Guidelines for climate change adaptation in relation to urban pla

The Flemish Agency for Spatial Planning has recently awarded an important and interesting study to the Smart and Sustainable Infrastrastructure (SSI) division of Tractebel Engineering Belgium. The Policy Advice and Spatial Planning sections of SSI collaborated on this proposal, and will together be responsible for its implementation.

The study aims to develop qualitative and quantitative guidelines for climate change adaptation in spatial planning and urban development. It also aims to develop an integrated vision on sustainable climate change adaptation and on the role that spatial policy can play in achieving this.

The study will start with a detailed analysis of the impacts of climate change at the level of Flanders, using different climate change scenario’s. This analysis will include an assessment of the importance of the impacts, the factors that detemine the size of the effect and its spatial differentiation. Maps will be prepared that show the specific vulnerability of different (urban) areas in Flanders.

In a next step, adaptation measures will be defined and refined, using the method of “research by design”, applied to a number of pilot areas. The lessons learned through this exercise will allow for the development of broadly applicable guidelines for dealing with climate change in a context of urban planning and development. Our proposal was judged to be superior to competing proposals by several Belgian and Dutch universities and research institutions.

This assignment thus confirms our leading role and our reputation in the field of climate change studies and of policy advice and spatial design studies in general.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tractebel wins contract to carry out Brabantnet studies

The Flemish public transport company De Lijn has awarded Tractebel the contract for carrying out the studies for commissioning by 2020 three priority tram lines in and around Brussels. These are the Willebroek-Brussels line along the A12 motorway (22 km), the line from the University Hospital in Jette to Brussels Airportat Zaventem (18 km) and the line from Brussels North station to Brussels Airport (5 km).

This latest success confirms the leading role played by Tractebel in designing the tram infrastructure in Belgium. The studies will be carried out in collaboration with Ney&Partners and Bureau Bas Smets. 




With the aim of foreshadowing what mobility will be like in the future, the Brussels local government’s department for transport (Bruxelles Mobilité/Mobile Brussel) has adopted an exploratory approach and launched Mobil2040, a future-oriented, multidisciplinary study conducted by the design consultancies Tractebel and Espaces Mobilités. Mobil2040 provides a particularly “fresh” look at mobility where the main focus is on people.

Mobil2040 shies away from a purely technical, fragmented approach by putting mobility at the very heart of a complex ecosystem that is undergoing major change. Mobil2040 abandons the traditional way of presenting people getting around by some means of transport, replacing this with a transverse analysis of the different transport modes available in the Brussels metropolitan area.

The topics touched on by the study not only relate to roads, cars and public transport, but also to changes in mindset, new technologies, town planning, neighbourhood, shared public spaces, citizen participation, time perception, living environment etc.


The Brussels Capital Region is keen to engage in debate with the general public about this very “refreshing “ vision on mobility, especially with youngsters who will be the users and policymakers in 2040. With the aim of triggering this debate and stimulating creativity, the Brussels Capital Region is staging various events:

  • A participatory conference bringing together the key policymakers on mobility issues;
  • A blog on the future-oriented approach to mobility;
  • A number of conferences in Brussels’ colleges and universities about stimulating the creativity of tomorrow’s policymakers;
  • A competition to promote the best ideas about mobility in 2040.

And what about you? What dreams of the future do you have for Brussels in 2040? Don’t be shy and take part in the competition!

The “Strandloper” project (a.k.a. “IGLO child day-care centre”)

To Tractebel, the overall IGLO project is a highly multidisciplinary assignment, which it won in 2006-2007 following the “Open-Oproep Vlaamse Bouwmeester” tender procedure, in collaboration with some young architects.

The City of Antwerp has set up this IGLO (“Intergenerationeel Project LinkerOever”) – i.e. an intergenerational development project – to reassess the city’s LinkerOever district (next to the Chicago building).

The Tractebel team is made up of people from several disciplines, including urban planning (& mobility), infrastructure and construction engineering.

The various subcontracts and projects are as follows:

  • Master plan
  • Public spaces and infrastructures (new street + square complex)
  • IGLO children’s day-care centre (in collaboration with architects De Smet-Vermeulen): the winning project
  • IGLO care centre (in collaboration with architects De Smet-Vermeulen): under construction
  • IGLO sports hall and youth centre (passive construction) (in collaboration with architect Tom Thys): under construction
  • IGLO-OCMW (social welfare council centre) service centre (in collaboration with architects De Vylder/Vinck/Tallieu) constructed via PPS

In short, the “City of Tomorrow”.



“Green Belt” in Ostend master plan wins the “Home in the City” pr

Tractebel, in collaboration with ADR/Georges Descombes, has drawn up this master plan

Jury report

Grounded on well-informed theoretical foundations the Green Belt project in Ostend is extremely innovative. In addition, the publication “Park voor de toekomst” (“Park for the future”) provides a test framework for longer-term developments, which takes into account potential new evolutions and can serve as a referential. The project is based on the strong commitment to cross-border cooperation in Europe as part of the Interreg IV-A Programme, leveraging this commitment via cross-regional collaboration in a partnership with Oudenburg and innovative approaches for urban farming. This project focuses strongly on the sustainable integration of green landscape borders into the urban structure and has clear ambitions to inspire more globally as well. All the city’s services are involved in the project’s implementation. The project has evolved to become a fully-fledged part of the local authorities’ remit within the local authorities agreement. Other strong points are the creation of a green cycle and walking route, which, during its implementation, will make visitors and inhabitants aware of the Green Belt, and the active involvement of the population and of various urban and supra-urban stakeholders. The project’s exemplary function is also highlighted by the fact that a short-term opportunity is being taken to develop a long-term strategy and implement it gradually. The Green Belt project is indicative of a bold policy choice and refreshing approach. The project involves different levels coming together: the city, the coast and Flanders. Its aim is to promote green sustainability and contribute to a desirable form of climate change. It offers opportunities for recreation, tourism and creative development.


For more information, visit::


Groene Gordel

Price Public Space

Wednesday, February 5th, the annual Price Public Space ceremony took place during the Congress Public Space and Mobility. Tractebel was involved in two of the five nominees (the Emile Braun place in Ghent as engineer and the Meuse River Park in Limburg as a designer). The Meuse River Park was the eventual winner. Moreover, there was also a public selected by the public. There were two nominees, including the Place de la Monnaie in Brussels, which Tractebel has designed. For more info, visit



Tractebel/SuMa Consulting examines possible ways of financing loc


Logo LFK 001 mini

So far, more than 50 municipalities in Flanders have signed the Covenant of Mayors, pledging by 2020 to achieve or even exceed the 20% cut in CO2emissions targeted by the European Union. The signature of this covenant has already encouraged a number of municipalities (and provinces) to draw up a longer-term plan (extending to 2030 or beyond) aimed at becoming climate neutral, and more are set to follow their example in the future. Measures and actions are currently being devised with a view to fulfilling this ambition. Some of them will necessitate substantial investment, however, and the details in existing climate plans about how these measures and actions will be financed remain too sketchy. Yet financing such measures and actions is no easy matter because they will have to be implemented at various levels; they will inevitably involve many different actors; some investments will take a long time to pay for themselves; and many of the actions and measures will differ greatly in type. The leading towns and cities involved realise that their respective climate plans can only succeed if their funding deficit is eliminated.

Tractebel and SuMa Consulting are looking into how this can be achieved. At the end of 2013 they launched a pilot project with a few leading towns and cities to flesh out the sections of their respective climate plans devoted to financing. The funding needed by each town or city and the resources at their disposal will be individually assessed, not just as regards individual measures, but also globally, with respect to the entire climate plan. By running the project in 3 different places simultaneously, there will be sufficient time and opportunity to exchange know-how and experience. The project is also being very closely followed by the Flemish policymakers responsible for the environment, nature and energy as well as at the provincial level (by Limburg and Flemish Brabant).

The figure below indicates the focus of the project.


Do you want to know more? Are you looking for a partner to (help you) develop the financial section of your climate plan? We would be delighted to discuss the possibilities with you!


Brussels Airport Connector

The huge connector building, which links Brussels Airport’s departure terminal and Pier A, will replace the tunnel used by some 10 million passengers every year. Brussels Airport commissioned Tractebel to carry out the special methodology studies, the fire safety engineering work and heat studies, as well as the installation of cold storage facilities.

For more information, visit the airport’s website.




ISO 9001: certificaat toegewezen!

Bureau Veritas heeft de standaard voor kwaliteitsbeheer van Tractebel voor drie jaar verlengd. Tijdens de audit voor de hercertificering werd geen enkele niet-conformiteit vastgesteld, en dat is uitzonderlijk!


De auditor benadrukt in zijn rapport de volgende sterke punten:

goed gedefinieerde en in cascade geordende top-downdoelstellingen,

goede integratie van Q-plannen en PMP-projectmonitoring,

engagement vanwege de CEO om onderzoek te voeren naar de klanttevredenheid,

robuust en effectief QMS-systeem.


"Deze hercertificering is een succes! Toch moeten we beseffen dat er nog altijd ruimte blijft voor verbetering", stelt Quality System Manager Liesbet Pluymers. Voor de volgende certificatieperiode wil ze de klemtoon leggen op de integratie van kwaliteitsbeheer in het DNA van Tractebel. Ze verwijst hierbij naar de kwaliteitshandleiding: "Binnen de context van ons QMS streven we ernaar om onze bedrijfsprocessen nauwkeurig op elkaar af te stemmen. We moeten constant speuren naar aspecten die verbeterbaar zijn en die kansen ook grijpen. Elke werknemer kan hieraan zijn steentje bijdragen!"



Sigmaplan takes into account safety and nature

The updated Sigmaplan presented by the Flanders Government aims to protect Flanders from flooding by the River Scheldt and its tributaries. At the same time, the Scheldt’s natural environment is being restored. Tractebel project manager Michaël Van Rompaey has been providing environmental and design consultancy as part of implementing this plan since 2006.

 Read the complete interview at


ISO 14001 audit for Tractebel

On 24 May, Tractebel - Building & Industrial Sites was audited by Bureau Veritas in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard.

In the audit report, the external auditor reached the following conclusion: “Tractebel is an organisation which clearly focuses on delivering added value to its customers, paying particular attention to sustainable development. At a general level, this is also one of the themes which the organisation applies in concepts such as “City of Tomorrow”. We met a very well qualified team which is highly motivated and clearly exemplifies Tractebel’s values.”


iso 14001

Foto's Realty 2013

From 29 to 30 May 2013, Tractebel participated once again to the Belgian REALTY property exhibition attended by more than 3,500 participants. This event was held in the Tour & Taxis in Brussels.


Jean-Baptiste Débonnaire, Martin Richelle and Yves Kerremans

Donald Desmet, Luc Carpentier, Bram Vandenboom and Jan Liefooghe

Romina Dargenton talking to a visitor.

For more information, visit:

How can the “City of Tomorrow” be created?

“Smart & Sustainable Infrastructure (SSI) includes methods that can contribute to this,” says Hein Dirix, General Manager Tractebel, in the supplement to the April 10, 2013  edition of the “De Standaard” newspaper, entitled “City of Tomorrow”.

Read the complete interview here.



Traffic and mobility day

Tractebel participated in the largest tradeshow in Belgium for traffic applications and mobility solutions on 5-6 February 2014.




Alle info op



Tractebel to participate in the Belgium Road Conference 2013



Tractebel is participating in the 2013 edition of the Belgium Road Conference.

The Belgium Road Congress is an event held every four years, for more than 80 years already. This is the premier event for every professional involved in the construction, maintenance and use of Belgium’s roads. In 2009, it was held in Flanders while Wallonia organized this 22nd edition of the event under the auspices of the Belgium Road Association.

This conference offers great opportunity to make network professionally with experts from different disciplines. Within the institutional framework of Belgium, where roads have no boundaries, these gatherings definitely make a great deal of sense.

ITS congres 2013 - Brussel


Tractebel has already been operating in the ITS (Intelligent Traffic Systems) sector for more than 20 years. Again in 2013 we attended the ITS Congress held on 4 October 2013 in Brussels.

Launch of Noord-Zuid Kempen project

Sunday, 23 February 2014 marks the official opening of the Noord-Zuid Kempen road.



VTDV May 2014

Tractebel, along with its partners Cofely and Electrabel, attended on 9 May 2014 the tradeshow at the VTDV conference (Association for Technical Heads of Department in Healthcare Institutions). This year’s theme was: The architect & engineer "IN TEAM" with the developer.



Tractebel-teams won golden medal at Immorun

The 6th edition of IMMORUN™ took place on September 18, 2014 across the wonderful Park of Woluwé.

For two years in a row our Tractebel employees have proven that work and sports on a high level are perfectly combinable and succeeded once again to win the golden medals!!

IMMORUN™ is a Business Run of 9 km which combines Sports & Well-being, Team-Building, and Business Networking within the Real Estate Sector in Belgium. It brings together architects, promoters, financial institutions, agencies, builders, experts, consultants, lawyers, public institutions, and their partners… A natural and healthy way to relieve stress and face the challenges in life and at work.

Out of 260 teams, our male as well as our female team conquered the 1st place in the conquest. With 34 minutes and 42 minutes respectively, over a distance of 9 km they achieved the Top timings in their ranking. Our third team also won the Citidev.Brussels Trophee for being the 1st team of Brussels near the stage.

We congratulate our Tractebel-Teams for this exquisite achievement.


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Building Golf Trophy

The second edition of the BUILDING GOLF TROPHY took place on September 15th 2014 at the beautiful domain Golf des 7 Fontaines in Braine l’Alleud with a “shot gun” program for golfers and an initiation program for beginners. 

This event brought together the different players of the construction and building industry: architects, consulting firms, promoters, developers, builders,… .

Tractebel emphasized its presence once again with a great bottle of Spa water decorated with Tractebel‘s colours to reinvigorate the thirsty ones. Those who played golf during this Building Event discovered the Marketing stand of Tractebel situated on the golf course between the trees on a very sunny day!


Building Golf Trophy 2015 132




From 19 to 21 May Tractebel attended the Realty property exhibition, which welcomed more than 3,500 participants.

This exhibition was held in Tour & Taxis in Brussels.

For more information, visit



Audit energy conference 8 October 2015

Tractebel organise une conférence sur les audits énergétiques,

le jeudi 8 octobre 2015 (de 9h à 13h), dans ses locaux.

Le contexte réglementaire, les différents types d’audits et leurs modalités de réalisation, les résultats attendus (quick-wins, gains long terme), comment aller au-delà de l’audit énergétique : Tractebel vous propose une conférence complète, illustrée de témoignages « terrain », avec la participation de BRUXELLES ENVIRONNEMENT.

Nous vous invitons à noter dès à présent la date du 8 octobre dans votre agenda. Vous recevrez ultérieurement les informations pratiques et lescoordonnées d’inscription.

Date : jeudi 8 octobre (de 9h à 13h)

Lieu : Tractebel - salle de conférence : Forum - Avenue Ariane 7, 1200 BRUXELLES

Avec le soutien de BECI, Chambre de Commerce de Bruxelles.


La conférence sera animée en français. Une version en néerlandais pourra être programmée ultérieurement.

De lezing zal in het Frans plaats vinden. Een Nederlandse sessie zal later geprogrammeerd kunnen worden. 

Time in the City

To put in place new transport infrastructures is a long process. Solutions providing real benefits on a shorter-term basis are tried out by several cities and regions in Europe and elsewhere to limit the road traffic or ease congestion on the public transport network. It must be noted that very few initiatives of this kind are found in Belgium despite the quick evolution of the workforce organisation and the increasing interest of companies in the new ways of working (NWOW).

The Time in the City conference is a unique opportunity to discuss on concrete transport desynchronization projects.

Bram Vandenboom, Business Development & Sales Director – Sustainable Cities & Transport at Tractebel, will deliver the opening speech at this event.

More information (only in French): extract_study Rail4Brussels (Tractebel, VUB, Espaces-Mobilités)


Free but mandatory registration via

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