Projects involving airports are extremely complex and demanding infrastructure projects. Planning, design and construction of airports must meet stringent criteria. In addition, airports are facing increasingly tougher requirements imposed by their environment. Tractebel has acquired extensive experience when it comes to planning, designing and implementing airport projects. Based on our in-depth knowledge of the functional and operational aspects of airports, we can assist airport owners, operators and authorities with a wide range of services which we can offer.

Tractebel is responsible for drawing up master plans for the future development of airport sites and provides effective support in the process. During the development of airports, we focus particular attention on providing multimodal access for both passenger and freight terminals. We get involved in all the design and engineering activities for airports, in terms of the paving, buildings and utilities. During implementation, we take care of the project management, taking into account the specific context in which the works are being carried out. We provide management consultancy and advice on how to develop customised management systems.

Tractebel has extensive experience in assessing the environmental impact of airports. To this end we have a comprehensive set of models enabling us, for instance, to portray and assess the mobility and noise impact caused by airports and their operation.

Relevant authorities can rightly approach us to carry out studies into their airport policy in terms of its economic, social and environmental aspects.


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