Urban Design

A large number of challenges,  social, ecological, climate, mobility and energy, to name but a few, have an impact on our environment. .

Therefore, the design for a public area should evolve on the basis of a clear vision of the city and the public area. At Tractebel we are devising a vision which can have a significant impact on these projects. We firmly believe that a public area benefits from a multi-level approach where different indicators are deployed at the same time: different scale levels, different materials, old versus new, landscape versus various locations etc.

Sustainability plays an important role in our urban designs and  acts as a quality driver. At Tractebel we think that sustainable town-planning relates to four quality aspects: “the quality of the planning process”, “spatial quality”, “socio-economic quality” and “environmental quality”, whereby all these four qualities need to be in harmony.


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References Urban Design

Support for the “Urban Policy” Team

Tractebel provided support to the “Urban Policy” Team in their task of monitoring city contracts and the urban renewal contracts between the Flanders Government and the cities.

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Revamping the Place de la Monnaie in Bru…

In 2006 the city of Brussels held a competition aimed at redesigning the Place de la Monnaie and its surrounding area (rue de la Reine, rue des Princes and rue Léopold). Tractebel’s...

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