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Coast & Estuaries

Tractebel studies the natural behaviour of estuaries and coastal areas. Our ability to analyse complex hydrodynamic and morphological systems is based on an extensive knowledge of the physical processes, combined with detailed, on-site measurement campaigns.

We deploy state-of-the-art digital models, depending on your requirements. Based on hydromorphological measurement campaigns and analyses, we will manage all the basic hydrodynamic conditions required to run projects along the coast, in estuaries and in ports. This enables us to define the best  management strategies, design a suitable coast infrastructure and determine the environmental impact of this intervention.

We design coastal ports, sea walls and access channels for ports. We devise coastal protection solutions and investigate “hard" measures, such as dikes, bank protection, levees, breakwaters and jetties, as well as natural, sustainable solutions such as beach replenishment, aimed at protecting the hinterland against storms.

We can use our models to predict coastline  evolution after constructing a port and propose corrective adjustments. The impact of marine and dredging activities on the system can also be determined (e.g. dredge plume studies and heat distribution), and the best construction and maintenance strategies can be devised and tested. Our expertise also enables us to support and design your projects for developing or compensating nature.


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References Coast & Estuaries

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The project encompasses the coastal protection of the City of Ostend, to protect her from floods during extreme storms.

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Responsibility under Integrated Coast Pr…

Tractebel coordinated the entire project and carried out the safety analysis for the plan. A methodology was then devised based on this analysis for protecting dunes, beaches, dikes and ports...

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Coastal safety plan for Ada (Ghana)

Tractebel was invited to devise the project plans to protect the coastline against further erosion and to prevent or slow down the process of the river mouth becoming cut off.

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Tractebel was commissioned by the Project group Proses2010 to carry out an environmental impact assessment (EIA). On the basis of this, the Flemish Government decided to extend the Zwin natural...

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