The temporary storage of household and industrial waste and  the permanent disposal of nuclear waste requires special measures aimed at protecting people and the environment.

Support is provided to our customers in various forms and covers every project phase, including assistance with obtaining the necessary permits and dealing with local operators and authorities. The phase preceding the  site selection includes the analysis of potential storage sites and relies on all the geo-engineering technologies available. When it comes to the actual storage, the focus is on all the barriers required between the stored product and the environment. The most advanced underground techniques are deployed for storage at geological depths.

Projects involving the storage of nuclear waste require structures developed for a service life span of between 100 and 300 years for which the latest developments in the field of concrete structure ageing are deployed and  complex 3D models are used to calculate seismic loads.


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References Waste

Expanding the refuse dump in Lewarde, Fr…

The refuse dump in Lewarde, France, has already been in use for more than 25 years. Tractebel performed the technical and infrastructure studies to expand the site.  

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In 2010 Tractebel launched the feasibility study looking at the expansion of an existing technical landfill site to handle rocks generated from manganese production. Subject to approval, the principal Erachem-Comilog...

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Saudi Arabia called on Tractebel’s expertise in selecting a site for processing radioactive waste. The project kicked off with suggesting 19 potential zones with an area of 400 km². From...

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International environmental analysis in …

As part of a new strategy promoting a sustainable materials policy, Tractebel carried out an international environmental analysis for OVAM (Public Waste Agency of Flanders). 

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Storage site for low radioactive waste

In 2006 the government decided to turn the site in Dessel, Belgium, into a storage site for short-life and low radioactive waste. The Belgian Agency for Radioactive Waste and Enriched...

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